All images on this website are copyrighted by the photographer.

Images are offered for personal use. Purchase of an image (print or digital file) is NOT a license to reuse the image for commercial purposes. Commercial use is not permitted without a prior signed release from the subject of the image and license from the photographer.

Unauthorized redistribution or reposting on the internet is a violation of the photographer's copyright and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
With the exception of special team collections, image collections on disk are intended to be a collection of images that portray the entire event in an editorial context. Image selection for the collection is based on actual photo quality only, no other selection criteria is applied to the collection.

All photographs on this site were taken at public events or at private events where the photographer either 1) was invited to attend by event organizers, or 2) gained legal admittance as a spectator.

Performers, Athletes, Event Participants, etc do not have a legal expectation of privacy at a public events or private events where photography is permitted and therefore can be photographed without their consent. That being said, if you have a compelling reason that you do not want your photograph to appear on this website please contact us and we will review your request for image removal immediately.


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